150 million euros per year, 1,200 jobs. It is clear that many in Upper Lusatia want the large-scale research centre. The Party DIE LINKE also has a proposal. But the procedure actually works differently –

These are now decisive days for the future large-scale research centre in Upper Lusatia. In July, it was announced, the remaining six projects will have to face expert juries. They will examine whether the ideas for such a large-scale research centre are really so scientifically excellent that they will help shape research in this field throughout Europe right from the start. The article is available only in german at www.saechsische.de. Photo: Anja Müller

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The member of the Bundestag Carmen Lay from Bautzen now makes it clear in a letter to the search committee that she favours the construction project of a research team from the TU Dresden for Upper Lusatia.