2203, 2022

“Radio Lausitz” reports on LAB

Further concept for Lusatian large-scale research centre - The "LAB - Lausitz Art of Building" project is intended to set new standards in construction in the region, Manfred Curbach, [...]

2203, 2022

The Neue Lausitz magazine reports on LAB

Building professor Curbach wants the large-scale research centre - Lusatia needs a perspective after coal. Building needs a perspective after concrete. Manfred Curbach from the TU Dresden has [...]

1103, 2022

Sustainable building with concrete?

Carbon reinforced concrete makes it possible - The experimental building of the Institute of Concrete Structures at the TU Dresden is the first house in the world made of carbon [...]

909, 2021

Bautzen dreams of this mega-project

The federal government is providing more than one billion euros for a new large-scale research centre. Is a building revolution about to start from Bautzen? - The sum [...]

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