LAB auf Instagram - Wir sind ab sofort auf Instagram zu finden und stellen in regelmäßigen Abstände sowohl das Team, das überregional, sogar international aufgestellt ist, als auch [...]

A matter of the heart - The LAB seizes the opportunity to combine the tradition and modernity of Lusatia and create a new tranfer of science, handcrafts, and the [...]

Future of sustainability - The LAB will be a unique construction research center bringing together more than 1,500 scientists across disciplines to explore the future of sustainability. HENN [...]

What comes after coal? When the opencast mines west of the Rhine and in Lusatia close, future technologies are to create new perspectives. - In the first selection [...]

Like a Beginnung? - Colourful and now also to be found everywhere in Lusatia - our LAB postcards. Who hasn't built something at some point: a garden shed, [...]

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